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Joseph Pimetel's Academic Fair


Joseph Pimentel, 6th grader, presented a project on "The Life of the Sioux Indian" at the Educational Fair at Wisconsin Academy on March 30th.  Joseph was one of 125 registered participants that displayed one of 118 registered projects.  Students in grades 5-10 were invited to display projects that demonstrated personal interests and research in the areas of Science: Research, Science: Experiment, Social Studies, Math, and Inventions.  Joseph chose to research the ways of Sioux Indians and create both an information board as well as a replica of the village.  He worked with raw materials to create the tipi's, travios, meat-drying racks, and other items common to the Sioux villages.  Additionally, he attempted to experiment with the way of doing things in everyday life as the Sioux Indians of old would have done.  As the project required, he also wrote a report and kept a logbook of his actions and research.

Joseph's hardwork was rewarded with the recognition of 98/100 points score on his project, a Blue Ribbon, and he was a recipient of a $500 Scholarship to Andrews University.  This was of great excitement and joy to Joseph (Mrs. Rosanna too...)

Joseph's project will be on display at the Lena Public Library and then again at Maranatha School for the Track and Field Day (May 19th).   We hope you will take the opportunity to visit and check out the hard work that Joseph has accomplished this year.