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Update 2
READ-A-THON Final Total

With your help, we were able to earn $1,638.50.   PLUS we had a table of donated food items that were worth an additional $200+.  This enabled us to shop for approximately $1,040 of items that were on their shopping and wish lists for the pantry as well as make a donation of $600 to help with upcoming expenses. 


Items that were delivered included, but were not limited to:  many cases of canned vegetables, fruit, meats, spaghetti sauces, mayonnaises, pancake mixes, pasta dishes, rice dishes, jelly, bar soap, stuffing mixes, instant potatoes, syrup, pickles, ketchup, frozen corn, frozen juice, fresh meat, coleslaw, cheese, and milk. 

Thank you letters are in the process of being completed!  Your generosity has been a big blessing!!  Please be patient as we complete the writing of the many thank you's!!!  We will get them to you as soon as possible...