Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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School Supply List 2008-2009

The items below that have an * are minimums, please be sure that you stock up while the sales are good to be able to replenish your student's supplies as needed throughout the school year.

**3 Ring Binders need to have clear pocket fronts organizational needs.  Please buy durable quality if at all possible.


(1)          2-3" 3 Ring Binder for Year Long Portfolio**
(5)          1" 3 Ring Binder for Reading, Writing, Spelling, Pathways, and Homework Organizers**
(1 set)     5 Tab Notebook Index Dividers
(2 sets)    10 Tab Notebook Index Dividers
(1)           Package of Small Post It Notes*
(1 pkg)    Pencils*
(1 pkg)    Pencil Erasers*
(1)           Large Eraser
( 1 pkg)   Pens- Blue/Black Required, Fun Colors Encouraged*     ALL GRADES
(1)           Ruler- Inch/Centimeter- Please have measurement begin at the edge
(1)           Crayons- 24 count minimum, Larger Counts STRONGLY encouraged
Lots         Markers- Wide Variety of Colors and Thicknesses Encouraged*
(1 set)      Colored Pencils- Basic Set Minimum, Consider your student's Interests*
(1)           Scissors
(2)           Glue Sticks*
(3)           Folders- Student Choice of Design
(2 pkgs)   Lined Notebook Paper, Looseleaf-Wide Rule*
(3)           Spiral Bound Notebooks-Wide Rule*
(1)           Watercolor Paints
(1)            Composition Notebook*


(1)           Backpack
(1)           Simple Clipboard
(1)           Lunchbox
(1)           Dry Erase Markers, Thin Points
(1)           Index Cards*
(1)           Qt. Size Plastic Bags for Storage
(1)           Gallon Size Plastic Bags for Storage
(1)           Large Box of Kleenex
(1)           Workshirt to Go Over Good Clothes for Art/Science Labs
(1)            Plastic Boot Tray to go in Locker Bottoms During Winter Time