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Current Events- March 31, 2009
Follow this link to read the article : Cinderella Dream Gets Squeezed.  Pay special attention to definitions (either stated as a definition, or implied within the meaning of a sentence) for the words:
frocks, philanthropy, frivolous, affluent, devoid.  Think about how this charity is being challenged by the fact that people and companies are not able to spend as much money today as they did last year.  Then think about similarities between the Cinderella Project and other charities that you know.

Next, follow the link to United Streaming to take the Quiz found on the link.  Be sure to sign in with both your first and last name.  A copy of your quiz will be e-mailed to me when you are finished.

Then, consider what type of gift you would give to an organization like the Cinderella Project, and draw a picture of it.  You might want to consider drawing a special dress with all the modest accessories a girl would need to wear with it.  Or you might want to consider other donations that are needed.  (Remember the desk they are using is one from Johnny Carson...)