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Current Events- April 14, 2009
This week's current event centers around the Obama Family's latest addition- their dog. 

First, you will need to read the article as linked : First Puppy Makes A Big Splash.  You will notice that there is a list of questions and things to consider at the beginning of the article.  It would be good to read through the questions before reading the article.  They will help guide your thinking to help with your quiz.

Next, check out this link to see some playful Portuguese Water Dog- puppies on youtube.  This has some energetic music on it, so please either use headphones, or keep the volume on the speakers off so as to not disturb your classmates.

Then you will need to log onto United Streaming for the quiz to accompany this week's reading.  There are no short answer or essay questions, so the quiz should go through and work as planned.  As part of the quiz, there is a link to a video about dog breeds.  You need to watch the video, and read the article about Portuguese Water Dogs, as part of your research to complete this week's current event.

Finally, you need to research the characteristics of the dog breed that the Obama's have.  Then consider either the type of dog you already have- or a type of dog you would like.  Using information that you learned from "The Wild Side of Dogs" and your research about the different breeds you are learning about, complete a Venn diagram that compares the 2 types of dogs to each other.  Look at this sample Venn Diagram explanation to help you get started.  You need to have as many details as you can find- so don't be tied done to the number of lines in the example.  You may use your own notebook paper, copy paper, colored paper, larger paper, or print off the sample Venn.  Be sure to consider the pro's and con's of both breeds. 

Extra credit is available if you also add NICE drawings of both dog breeds with them clearly identified.