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April 20 Current Event

This week's article focuses in on failure.  That's right.  Failure.  Why would we want to look at failures?  After all, it is our goal at school to be a success.  But, let's face it.  We all have something that is a challenge to us, and makes us feel like a failure at times.  What should we do when me face a failure?  Can we learn anything from a failure that will help us out in the future?  Answering this question, and learning how we can respond to challenges is the reason why we are looking at this week's article The Benefits of Failure.

With all of the businesses that are facing financial challenges, we see a lot of good ideas- or previously strong companies going out of business.  Some businesses are not closing, but they are laying off a lot of workers or cutting back the number of hours that they are open to try to save money.  Could some of this been avoided?  Were there some decisions that they have made that could have prevented such a large economic downturn?   Before you read the actual newspaper article, you should read through the discussion questios that are in the section above.  The concepts and words will be included on your weekly test at United Streaming.  These are important ideas to understand from the reading of the article.  You will also want to be sure that you click on all of the links in this article (check for the words that are underlined and have a different color) as they have information that is very likely to be on the quiz as well.

Is this challenge to businesses something new?  Have we ever seen good companies struggle and have failures before?  Of course we have!  Remember, King Solomon told us in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that there is nothing new under the sun.  Have you ever heard the Edsel?  The Edsel was developed by the Ford Motor Company in 1958.  It was supposed to be the marque of their automotive line.  McDonald's developed a sandwich called the Arch Deluxe.  It didn't work out as well as they expect either.  Then there are soda pop companies that introduce a new recipe of their drink- only to find that the loyal customers start looking for a new brand to buy.

This week's project is a personal reflections project.  What is the biggest challenge or failure in your life so far?  Why is it a challenge?  What could you work on that could make this easier or more successful?  What resources do you need to get the challenge met?  This week, you are going to fill out an action plan.  An action plan is a paper that you write out what your objective or goal to work towards is.  Then write out step by step what you will need to do, who you will need help from, and what you will need to get (buy?) to help you get there.  It also includes a time for expected completion.  You may use the sample Action Plan form, or create a similar one of your own.  

What to do if you don't have an area of failure or real challenge that you can think of right now.  THEN choose an area of interest for growth.  For example:  Perhaps you want to become the world's best/most famous major league pitcher.  Write the action plan for how you can accomplish this.  Or maybe you want to learn to speak a foreign language fluently before going on a mission trip.  You can write an action plan to help you accomplish that.)

Now, you are ready to take the quiz at United Streaming.


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