Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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Action Plan

_________________________________  Action Plan

Please answer these questions and statements with complete sentences.  You need to use good grammar, good spelling, and good punctuation. 

1.   My goal to work on is:

2. What is making this a difficult goal or a challenge to me now?

3.   Things that I need to have in order to be successful at meeting this goal:  (help from someone, something to buy, time to study/practice, etc.)

4.    I plan to start working on this goal by:

5.   I plan to work on this goal with:

6.   First I will:

7.   Second I will:

8.   Third I will:

9.    Next I will:

10. I will know that I am making progress on meeting my goal by:

11.   I expect to finish/meet my goal by:

12.  List any other information that would be important to remember as part of this goal here: