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April 27 Current Event
This week there is one assigned current event topic concerning a photo op flyover that happened in New York City.  There is also a BONUS TOPIC that I encourage you to look at while talking with the adults in your life about the SWINE FLU.

Required Topic:

First of all, take a look at the footage that Rueters News Service has prepared that shows one of the Air Force One jets flying with jet fighter coverage into the New York City area.  This is a news report that has been supplied to Yahoo Popup news feed. 

Then, read the report about it at the Kansas City Star.

Now, ask yourself why is this such a concern?  What has happened in the past that made this a scary thing for those on the ground?  Was this a good decision for the person in the Obama White House to make?  Who made the decision to do this anyways?  What should happen to them?

Next, you should go to United Streaming and take the quiz for this topic.

Finally, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the person who lives and/or works in New York city that was scared by this flyover.  What biblical principles could they have applied to this incident that would have allowed them to be calm?  Create a poster (8*11, or 8*14, or 11*14 size paper) that shows yourself in lower New York City.  Show the airplanes flying over, and how you are going to respond when thinking on God's promises- or His guidance for how to respond to fear, anger, and worry.  Use lots of good color.  You will be graded on your use of details, color, WRITTEN WORDS of bible verses and application, following directions for inclusion of yourself and the airplanes, and the attention to quality in your project.


CTV.Ca News Report about the Swine Flu.  Then find the Milwaukee Report from Channel 4 and read about the start of the Swine Flu in Wisconsin.

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