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Pathfinder Fair 2009
2009 Pathfinder Fair
By Derek Ziesmer
On Friday, May 15th, eight pathfinder groups, including the Lena Wildcats, my group, traveled to Camp Wakonda to for the 2009 Pathfinder Fair. We all earned the Sanctuary Honor while we were there, here is my view of our weekend. On Friday, we didn’t do that much. We first settled into our cabin and then went our first meeting about the Alter of Burnt Sacrifice that was in the tabernacle that the Israelites carried around in the desert a few thousand years ago. We then went back to our cabin and were in bed by 9:30. We woke up at 6:00 on Saturday and took showers, then headed to our next meeting about the Lamp Stand in the Holy Place. Then we had a game where we found building materials and built a miniature sanctuary. Sunday was my favorite day of the weekend. We had to get up early to get ready for the parade which started at 8:00. We had to display our floats during the parade, ours was about the Maple Sugar Honor, which won a first place (we weren’t the only ones)at. Then we raced our pinewood derby cars, Brittany, our youngest member won first in the 11 year old age group, I won the 12, Stephanie won the 13, and Joseph the 14. Then we went to the Soccer field for the stilt race, which we won by more than 30 seconds. Over the weekend, we won 6 blue ribbons and a trophy for making the 200 club.