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Four Types of Sentences

There are 4 different types of sentences, but only 3 different types of punctuation that are used to end your sentences.  Use the websites below to explore what the sentences are, and how to punctuate them correctly so that your readers know what you had in mind.

Declarative Sentences:  The most common sentence type written.  This is a sentence that seeks to declare or inform the reader of information.  A "." (period) is used at the end of each declarative sentence.
Example:  The first snowfall was early this year.

Imperative Sentences: Imperative sentences look very simliar to declarative sentences, put they serve a specific purpose of adding directions or commands to your writing.  They are the way that you share a request for someone to do something.  A "." (period) is also used at the end of each imperative sentence.
Example:  Please make us some hot chocolate to drink after recess.

Exclamatory Sentences:  Exclamatory sentences express your great joy, surprise, anger, and emotion.  These are reserved for your strong feelings.  It is possible to overuse them, and as such, they should be used very sparingly in your writing.  An "!" (exclamation point) is used at the end of each exclamatory sentence.
Example: I love to play outside during the first snowfall!

Interrogative Sentences:  Interrogative sentences help you find out information.  They express to your reader that you have questions that need to be answered.  You are asking for information.  Think of a police man asking questions, or interrogating, a witness.  An "?" (question mark) is used at the end of each interrogative sentence- or question.
Example:  Would like to join us outside for recess?

Take a listen and watch some videos that include cool tips about how to best use exclamation points, and even hear a song that helps to place a jingle in your mind to help you remember the 4 ways sentences work.

Potter's Quiz to check your understanding of the different sentence types.

has a quick overview of the 4 types of sentences and their punctuation marks.  As well as a short review quiz.

Interactive Quiz