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2010 Constitution Proposed Changes

Due to a change in the number of churches participating in the operation of the Maranatha School, a need to update the Constitution has arisen.  The Maranatha School Board recommends the following updates to the Constitution for the Operation of Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School:

Article II, Section 1, point a.

                The school board recommends that the resignation letters from the Constituency be accepted by the School’s remaining constituent church and that the names of Pound SDA Church and Shawano SDA Church be removed from the constituent members list.

Article II, Section 2, point b.

                That the term spring meeting be changed to winter meeting.

Article 11, Section 2, add a point, naming it point c and thus renumbering all points in this section thereafter.

                c.  In the event that there is only one constituent church, at the school board’s discretion, there will be only 1 annual constituency meeting, to be held no later than January 25th.  In this situation, all qualified church members present of constituent church will be considered a voting delegate.

                Current c. will become d.

                Current d. will become e.

Article III, Section 1

                Change the word March to January in regards to when the annual meetings shall be held.

Article V, Section 1, point d.

                Current:  When possible, at least one board member shall be a parent with children in school, and preferably one shall not.

                Recommended:  When possible, at least one board member shall be a parent with children in school. 

                Rationale:  The number of members each church is eligible to provide is now 4 instead of the 2 that were originally allowed.

Article VI, Section 1, Add a point to provide for another officer of the school board.

                h.  Support Staff Liason


It is recommended that these revisions would go into effect on July 1, 2011.


Save   the   Date!     


Operation Christmas Child, October 17

Maranatha SDA Christian School, 5:30 pm  Mexican Supper Fundraiser
All funds raised will be used to purchase materials and pay for the shipping of the shoeboxes.

Education Sabbath, October 23, 2010

Christ’s Community Church, Church Service at 10:45am.  This will be a shared experience with Pastor Rick Binford and the students working together to present their thoughts on Christian Education.


Constituency Meeting, October 23, 2010

Maranatha SDA Christian School, 6:00 pm.  There will be a short worship, the Constituency Meeting, and then light refreshments to follow.

There are recommended changes to the Constitution listed on the back of this handout.  Please read them over.  They will be voted on at the meeting on October 23.


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