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World War II
World War I was a ferocious battle fought across Germany.  Many lives were lost.  It was thought that  it was so horrific that the wars of the world were finished when it was over.  But it wasn't very long until we found ourselves facing a new terror.  The United States resisted getting involved in formal ways at the beginning- but it was increasingly getting hard.  Then with very little warning, and no preparations, we found ourselves attacked by a new foe from the West.  We remember that attack every December 7th as the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  After that, we joined the war, and fought in on several continents.  As a nation, we were determined to fight the enemy and win.

The collected items in the Discovery Education link are just a beginning of the journey to understanding.  Our library is filled with lots of good stories- both historical and historical fiction- that help you to further understand what problems faced the soldiers and everyday people who lived through the war.

For those who are reading about Desmond Doss, you will want to check out Home of the Heroes and Desmond Doss to learn more about this amazing Christian man who felt called by God to not bear arms (weapons) and still serve his country in the war with courage and honor.  As you are learning more about him, try to figure out religious denomination he was.

We have studied a lot about the changing technologies of our world as we grew in knowledge during the Industrial Revolution.  What industry took off and became one of the essential weapons used to end this war?

What continents were involved in World War II?  Why were so many countries involved in this battle?

If you get a chance, try to meet a veteran of the second World War.  There are not as many of them left living as there were when you were born.  These men, and some women, were very young when they were called by their country and their convictions to defend freedom and liberty for people around the world.  Please show them respect by thanking them for their service and learning from the lessons that they lived and learned.