Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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At the August registration, a non-refundable registration fee will be charged for students registering. Before a child will be accepted into the school, parents and students are to sign a statement that they have read, are in agreement with, and plan to abide by the policies contained in this handbook.

Parents/guardians of students applying to Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School should:
1. Understand the current handbook.
2. Complete and sign the application, tuition agreement, acceptable use policy, consent to treatment form, etc.
3. Provide current immunization records.
4. Provide a physical examination report signed by a physician. (New Students, Students Entering 4th and 7th Grades)
5. Complete and sign the request for educational records from the student’s previous school. (New Students Only).
6. Read together (parent/guardian and student) and sign student and parent pledges of cooperation. (Enrollment Form).