Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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Box Tops for Education Works!

Please continue saving the Box Tops... we are always happy to store them for you!  You may also click on the Box Tops link below to learn more about the program.  We also encourage you to visit to learn more about current products involved in the program, promotions being offered, internet specials/coupons, and other services that are apart of the Box Tops network.  Your support is key to the success of our fundraising efforts!  This is a painless way to give to the school, while purchasing the products that you do everyday.

Annual Plant Sale Continues with Flowers by Tammy

The perrenial plants continue to be dug and sold....  If you have a flower bed that is in need of thinning, and would like to donate the extra plants to Maranatha School, then contact Tammy Gilbert at 920-373-6692 for information and to set up a time for them to come and help with the work.  If you are interested in adding or beginning a flower bed and would like to purchase plants, please contact Tammy for availability or times to come and browse.  The perrenials are available for purchase on into the summer.  We appreciate your continued support of this fundraiser.  Funds are going into the Home and School fund which supports the activities of the school.  Your regular support of the Home and School fundraisers allows the school to make steady progress and stay current with materials and events that enhances the education of the students in our school.

Thank you for your generous, and continued support.