Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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August Happenings
Pathways, Choices, and Goal Setting

It is good to look ahead and set goals for what we hope to accomplish each year.  As we introduce and implement the new Pathways program, we will be assessing student abilities and helping them set personal goals for the year.  Many components in the Pathways program center around helping students achieve personal growth by presenting lessons that are practiced within the context of student writing and appropriate reading choices for their skills.  Students will begin the writing and reading centered approach,  choose areas that they would like to excel in, and then set goals for what they would personally like to learn.

The two weeks in August will focus on assessment, placement, routine establishment, basic study skill refreshers, and acclimation to the program.  Special emphasis will be given to the biblical advice on choosing good paths and making wise decisions this month.