Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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Box Tops for Education
Have you ever looked at a package of toilet paper and noticed that there was a little pinkish box that had a 10 and Box Tops for Education symbol on it, and wondered what you could do with it?  Perhaps you've been eating away at a box of cereal, and noticed that same sign and thought that you'd like to use them, but wasn't sure who was involved in a program like this.  If you've ever been in the habit of saving Betty Crocker points for someone, I know the thought has crossed your mind that this was an interesting twist- but you don't know where to turn them in.

Wonder no more.  Maranatha has been involved in this program in the past, and continues to be this year.  The process is simple.  Purchase the items and brands that you normally enjoy.  Whenever you come across a Box Tops for Education, clip it out.  You can turn them in to: any of your schoolboard members and they will bring them to, you can drop them at the school yourself, or (if requested) the students can make a collection box for each of the churches.  Our home and school coordinator will then gather the tops and prepare them for the annual turn in and our school will receive a check from the parent company after verification has been completed.  There is already a good start of these in our current collection - please help us make it grow!

Here's some helpful tips that I have personally found to encourage me to keep actively saving these box tops...

EVERY penny counts- and these are easy pennies to earn!

I am a penny-pincher, stock up the pantry during loss leader sales, un-brand conscious shopper-- but many of the brands that Piggly Wiggly regularly puts on their special sales are involved in this program, and the pile of points grow quickly.

This is a SIMPLE way to help the school meet some of its needs, without asking for more money.

Please consider helping us.  I have listed a copy of the products that are featured on the Box Tops for Education website.  You can also visit to learn more about the program, gain helpful home tips, have the opportunity to sign up to win extra bonus box top points for our school, and many other neat ideas.

*Box Tops Coupons may not appear on all sizes/ flavors of participating products. **Products are seasonal and/or only available in select markets.

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