Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Christian School
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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents Meet With Teacher for Updates on Student Progress

During the course of the week of October 29-November 2, parents and Mrs. Zeismer met in formal meetings to discuss the individual accomplishments and areas for improvements of each student thus far this year.  Report Cards for first quarter were distributed in each of the meetings.  It was a helpful time to get together and formally go over the accomplishments and goals for the students, as well as to gain parental input as to how we can best work together for a successful school year.

Overall, Mrs. Zeismer is pleased to report steady, measurable growth and student success with their lessons.  Additionally, the parents seemed to appreciate the applications of the lessons that they had been observing at home.

One of the benefits to a lower enrollment, is the ability of parents to regularly (weekly, sometimes daily) have quick updates on the highs and lows of our school days.  This regular communication has helped to make the parent-teacher conferences a matter of formality and official sharing, rather than the leading source of information about student progress.  The close interaction of home and school has helped to ensure that the students understand the importance of their education to both their parents and their teacher.

Another method of communication we are employing this year is use of a Homework Journal.  Students daily carry a 3-Ring Binder notebook between home and school.  Inside this binder are 5 sections.  Section 1 has a calendar for each month.  Students use the calendars to keep track of upcoming events, personal information, and long-range homework items.  Section 2 is where the daily homework and school work updates are written in; on a weekly homework tracker page.  Also, students have copies of their weekly spelling words, current event forms, memorization items, and any worksheets needing completion.  Parents sign the homework tracker daily to help make sure that both home and school are aware of the homework and assignments needing to be completed.  Additionally, notation of test grades and areas of "praise for the day" are sent home on this page.  Section 3 is the area in which all school newsletters and communication papers are sent home.  Parents are encouraged to send any larger than a quick note information in this section as well.  Section 4 is a Reference/Resource area.  I copy tips and homework helpers for students to have for help with their homework or other areas of personal learning.  Math skills, reading tools, editing marks, and any reference materials that we have studied that will help keep the students on track while working at home is provided in this section.  Section 5 is filled with notebook paper for students and parents to use when taking notes, jot down items of information, drawing, and whatever else it is needed for.  Use of these binders has greatly improved our ability to communicate effectively with parents and verify what is being shared between home and school.  Students have also been progressing in their accountability for responsibility.

Formal parent teacher conferences can be scheduled whenever the parents or the teacher perceives a need for better communication.  It is nice to have the 2 yearly scheduled meetings for all students to help ensure that the doors of communication are open and working.